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@Simon - you demonstrate your willingness to learn with your blogging style. As customers we can gage a company's culture through its social media involvement as well. We ran out of time so we did not get too much into it, but that is also a consideration.

@Susan - I am still convinced this was a not so transparent way to get a back link. Your non-answer to my welcome email speaks volumes. In that case, you'd be missing the point entirely.

@Ari - I think of broadcasting as an overall attitude and not just part of your presence. Like you, I have no problem with sharing and learning about links, posts and resources, as long as that is not the main attitude and focus for being there. I think people can tell the difference. The related posts is a purely manual editorial addition to the service I provide my readers. I'm blessed with good memory about my archives and often I write about a topic months before it becomes sexy to do so ;-)

This is great information, Valeria. Focusing on one aspect, you state that broadcasting is a no-no in the social media landscape, as a company should share and engage. So, from a Twitter perspective, how do you react to the use of Twitterfeed? Personally, I have no problem with tweeters who use RSS as long as it's not 100% of the time. Thoughts?

Unrelated to the topic on hand but to your blog, how do you add "related posts" at the bottom of each post? Is that hand-coded, or are you using a Zemanta-like internal engine? Or is that a Typepad distinction?

I am new to the social media thing so I appreciate all the help I can find. Thank you for the information. My biggest roadblock is that I have so much to learn.

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