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As my old Music Business Tutor used to say, "you can't make chicken soup out of chicken s***". He had a beautiful way with words..... but it's true. If the product/service isn't good in the first place then your sales will suffer.
Great read, thanks Stephen.


Clay -- thanks for the catch (Noah's only a 'virtual' friend. That means we've actually corresponded before. And oddly, I know a few Briers/Breiers/other spellings, so forgive my confusion).

Valeria, can you fix? Thanks!

Stephen -

Completely agreed. A compelling story, too. Thanks for that.

One note: Noah Brier is a blog/real friend of mine and his site's located at ... you have an extra E in there and I want to be sure people get to his site instead of 404 page.

Take 'er easy,

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