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Good insight Jason. Social media isn't leaving anytime soon and I think it will be adapted on the agency front at a more aggressive rate as people continue to realize the focus is on the communications process rather than the technologies.

Good point Daniel, it will be interesting to see how the field can continue to merge the areas of programming expertise and community management. Pulling the two together will be key to maximizing any push into social media. Exciting times.

Thanks to all for the comments and compliments. Posting for Valeria really was a thrill because I'm a regular reader and great admirer of hers. I appreciate the kind words.

Daniel - The rehab center idea could be ground breaking if the funding can be found. It might also be something worth pursuing pro-bono, so I hope to be telling that tale soon. Thanks.

Daniel No. 2 - If you're a reader here, then you're on the right track. Valeria really is a thought leader in the communication space. In what you do, however, I would recommend finding a communications professional who understands social media to help craft the education, strategies and so on for your tool sets. They aren't a dime a dozen, but there are good folks out there to be found. Good luck.

Michael - You're spot-on. Doing it for yourself is the bet way to learn. One of the competing PR firms in my town started a blog recently -- their first known social media effort, client or otherwise. It's the smartest thing they've done.

Jim - Thank you. It seems we're akin in that we're tired of being lumped into the non-it-getters category. Keep on keepin' on, my man.

Geoff - Thanks. I've had three C-level folks tell me my recommendation of the Cluetrain has changed their perspective completely. Powerful work.

I love that you said communications will own social media, because it's not PR, not advertising, not social media, but a hybrid mix of all of these elements.

Cluetrain reference is awesome. I've started buying this for staff members, who are too young to have been taught this fantastic book. Also Doc Searls chapter is part of my spring syllabus at Georgetown!

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