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Valeria, you have an amazing memory! Thanks for reminding me of this...

I did have some formal training in my new vocation. And ongoing, I continue to keep my skills updated. However, I'm also at a point of wondering if it's time to think about a Plan's all a journey that we're on, and I want this journey to be all it can for me and those I hold dear to me.

@Clay - being flexible on the tactics can pay off, as you demonstrated. Do you market to these different industries differently? How did you know to choose nonprofit, for example? My hunch is that there were not too many decision makers involved. What I find with large organizations is that there are layers of people whose vested interest is in keeping things as they are because that is what made them successful in the first place.

@Peter - the distinction between momentum and direction is crucial to understand, or maybe to just know. We discussed before about intention. Does intention create direction? Isn't it present in building momentum as well? Perhaps the ability to let go is underestimated. I think this is what Seth called "quitting" as opposed to pushing through. I'll need to think about your questions and observations a bit more.

Welcome back,

You put it well when you say plan B is life.

It amazes me how much energy we put into answering the little questions - what is the right plan for my life, what should I do, is this plan working, should I swap to another plan.

But we put very little energy in asking the big question - How does a life get direction.

As far as I can see there is broad agreement that direction (particularly in business)is about goals, planing and focusing on our "true wants and desires".

But, If I look at my own life, the companies with whom I work and even this post, it is clear to me that plan A and goals always explain momentum but only occasionally direction. It's only a partial explanation of direction.

A good example this are some of the start ups with whom I've been close too, they had the Plan A (pages and pages of it)and money but their direction was embedded in the founders inability to let go of Plan A when it was clear the assets they had created needed to be traded in a different way.

Is their a better explanation for the direction of life and business than a succession of plans and mediating goals? What else is at play?

I wonder if we misunderstand the role of plans and goals in understanding the forces that contribute to direction in business and in life.

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