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Tom - Great post! Having written and directed a few brand films myself, including interviewing clients on camera, I can very much empathize and agree with your ideas and suggestions. One of the things I think about now, when presented with a brand film opportunity, is "you might not end up creating just a film." (Wrote an article on this for TalentZoo: Rock on. - Tim

Great advice, Tom. (And love the Ira Glass tips!)


Interesting post. I like the idea of incorporating stories into corporate videos. Having worked in corporate communications, I've seen some pretty dry stuff and often wished senior management would have incorporated a more innovative approach to their storytelling.

I really liked your idea that compelling interviews are able to take viewers on a journey. This sense of experience and "journey" are key to storytelling, in that good stories make us feel as if we're somehow able to transcend something. A good story has the ability to take us out of the ordinary, and lead us into a world that's pretty extraordinary.

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