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I was going to send you a welcome note, but your Typekey profile seems to be empty. Welcome to the conversation. Surfacing thematic content sounds intriguing so I was looking for a link to Collective Intellect.

Hi Valeria,

In case you don't get Nathan's buying guide, I thought I'd add Collective Intellect into the media monitoring mix. We focus on surfacing interesting thematic content from conversations in addition to the usual suspects (activity, tonality, influencers)!


Dean Westervelt
Social Media Analytics
Collective Intellect

@Perry - I agree with you that trends are indicative of customer sentiment and should be monitored. However, to me all customers and opinions matter in terms of demonstrating you are listening. Networks work in amazing ways. News can spread through weak links, for example. And you never know when a discussion reaches tipping point. Digital means long memory.

@Jake - Niche measurement should be a consideration as well, yes. It's amazing how this area has developed, isn't it? As with any kind of information, how you're going to use it makes it relevant.

@Nathan - I have been reading your blog and yet had missed the guide, so thank you for providing the link. I will take a look as I prepare for my post on analysis.

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