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@Drew - you guys worked magic on this project. Writing a page was easy, it's all that went into producing the layout, organizing the authors and working with Lulu. Thank you from all of us, I'm sure, and from the children Variety supports.

@Barry - as I mentioned in my email to you, I'd be thinking about your great questions and will probably address them in a post. As for reading, I recommend "Tribes" and "Meatball Sundae" by Seth Godin. I also just got "Reality Check" by Guy Kawasaki. To me marketing is marketing, regardless of the medium - social media is just tools that take advantage of dynamics.

@Peter - I am more inclined to see things as connected and part of the same conversation, in the right medium and venue at the right time, etc.

Barry's question is a good one.

But is social media and "manifesting your brand strategy" (communication design) part of the same system and nomenclature: let alone, a continuum with a dividing line?

Hi Valeria,
can you help with some nomenclature here?
Sorry if this is the wrong post to ask, but I've been meaning to ask where social media marketing ends and manifesting your brand strategy begins and this post just tipped the scale for me.

Let me explain.

I consider SMM to be coming up with ways to enable conversation with or about your brand.

Doing things worth talking about is something the best brands have always done. From the majors to the locals. Every project we start begins with research to determine what people think of our client to inform our recommendations on just how to put their best foot forward. Though we're a communications design firm, we sometimes recommend people get nicer bathrooms.

Another practice that overlaps is "Social Marketing" where the brand champions an issue to have it reflect on them in some way. In the case of non-profits, this is often the best chance they have of being recognized and remembered. Larger brands use this technique to leverage their philanthropy strategically.
An example in Toronto is the "CIBC Run for the cure".

So if my firm starts a conference that fosters conversation, or sets up an initiative to rail against a concern facing my profession (like spec work), does this all fall under the rubric of Social Media Marketing?

Again, if the question has been addressed in a SMM 101 post somewhere just point me at it.

And to speak to the them of the post directly, any other reading you recommend?


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