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@Jon - that is very kind of you, thank you. I'm a writer, so you'll get no push back from me - a well-crafted piece of writing can and does communicate a lot.

@Christine - a WP blog with Adam, how exciting! I will have to explore. I looked deep inside when thinking about the issue from both sides. It's not as easy as it seems, but it can be done with integrity.

@Mark - I do wonder, in reading Jeremy's post, if the dealership will be affected in any way by links to the post or Tweets about it. Are these links and tweets from local customers? Another recourse might be escalating the conversation to BMW, the company, privately first (give them a chance) to outline the issue and inquire about warranties, etc. They might find a way to assist. Just a thought. Exploring other ways to solve the problem before broadcasting might help in casting an equitable light upon your issue vs. creating a "he said/she said" situation where both parties are now entrenched in positions. Conversation is also negotiation.

Great post.I'm a firm believer in the power of social media - but what do you do when a company has no social media visibility?

Right now, my friend Jeremy has an issue with a local BMW dealership where he's not getting any satisfaction and there are no other outlets so now he's calling on the local community - see:

Any ideas?

Spot on, great overview of what it takes to be a successful corporate blogger. I couldn't agree with you more re: the profile -- communicator, facilitator, negotiator -- I think these are also common attributes of an all-around successful business-person. ;-)

I'd like to make this "required reading" for all of the contributors to the corporate group blog I oversee. I will be pointing some key people here!

Thanks for your great insights, as usual.

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