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@Todd - heavens those buttons were designed by the brilliant Todd And and they stay!

@Nelson - thank you for sharing your thoughts on social media.

@ToddAnd - you have been patient and supportive of their efforts, I know. I emailed Charlie Moran upon your suggestion a while back. I cannot recall if I did twice, in fact. I must have gotten caught in the spam filter as I have not received a response. As for press passes at events, I already get invites (as I'm sure many others do) directly from event organizers... I know that some on the list have had more contact with AdAge. It will be interesting to surface some of the initiatives they have going.

I just saw this was posted in two locations, so I'm adding my comment to this one too:

Hey Valeria,

Thanks for taking the time to write about this topic! While I don't intend to speak for Ad Age, I can tell you that they have done a few of the things you've suggested already and are planning several more. Unfortunately, as a large media corporation, they have hoops to jump through and can't move as quickly as we'd like.

A Power 150 roundtable discussion was held less than a year ago and an excerpt was published online and in the book. Unfortunately, they had to limit it to just 12 participants. Part of that roundtable discussion centered around enhancing the Power 150. Moving forward, I'd love to see annual or twice-yearly P150 roundtables and/or focus groups.

Ad Age has made some strides to promote bloggers and I know Editor Jonah Bloom encourages his editorial staff to use bloggers as sources, but it probably doesn't happen nearly as much as you, me or others would like. Also, Jonah has said before (at the round table and I believe in comments on past blog posts) that Power 150 "listees" are welcome to leverage Ad Age for press passes to conferences and events. If you have a freelance idea, an event that you'd like to attend (as a member of the media) or something you'd like to cover as a Power 150 blogger - or perhaps even as an Ad Age stringer - you should definitely contact Jonah and inquire about opportunities.

As for what the future holds, all I can tell you is that I'm hearing a lot of good things. Twitter integration is being brainstormed as we write this and they've always wanted to utilize more of the quality content being generated. I believe they are exploring partnerships with third-party vendors to determine the best avenue(s) for widget development and/or content integration.

Also, I'm not sure who at Ad Age you're sending emails to, but perhaps a phone call follow-up will help their responsiveness. I know Charlie Moran, who manages the Power 150 at Ad Age, always responds quickly when he gets emailed. (I know because I'm usually cc'd.)

Bottom line, I'm with you on the whole create, invent, mix things up, listen, take chances stuff. I'm content and being patient knowing that Ad Age is discussing, brainstorming and preparing new things for the Power 150. In the meantime, I'll forward your post to Charlie and suggest that he contact you to bounce some ideas around.

Thanks again for taking the time to write about this topic, Valeria! I hope to see you at Blogger Social 2009.


I agree with you. Social media should be about engaging conversations, building relationships, and helping others.

Best Regards,

Nelson Bruton

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