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I think this version by, "The Trails Acoustic Trio" has more passion and energy than the Eric Burton (The Animals) version.

As for being misunderstood, I find it happens to me when I do one or both of the following (they usually go together):

1. Lose mindfulness of the present moment.

2. Do not listen well.

3. And, related to 2, talk too much and listen too little.

@Peter - in relationships I also like mystery a lot. How the story unravels, changes, feels. "To my mind, agreement is often the greatest misunderstanding." I'll be thinking about this one, it's an interesting departure.

@Carolyn Ann - I'm liking what Peter says here, don't get me right is quite attractive at the moment ;-) You made me laugh out loud at the thought of precise language and parsing meaning. Things like "there's never been a better time to be here" and other myths about happy talk also came to mind. I think Berlusconi is in need of help on many things... language and words are not strong allies of his. You located the point of pain - brands, corporations, public figures need to care about how they are perceived, hence the vicious cycle. Let's ask the public what they think and then let's behave that way if it suits us. "Does that make the entire debate moot, before it gets interesting?" I'm with you, I hope not.

@Ari - I don't know what your readership is, or comment volume. We enjoy a pretty intimate conversation here. I like to get to know (with all the limitations of that term) the individuals who choose to comment and interact here. I treasure the feedback. If anyone here knows me, they will agree with this statement. The community thus is rather close. But you're right, people see the world as *they* are and they interpret. Music is very personal because it allows for even more and closer interpretation. I would not know if any other way of being, although I do a fair amount of experimenting here ;-)

@Jay - passion is key, I agree. Thank you for sharing the Nina Simone link. That is such a timeless interpretation.

@PRJack - it was what I call a smooth post. Not too many edits or revisions, just what came about as I was listening. Hope it is stimulating and helps you connect with bigger ideas.

@Mike - your encouragement helped. There were many thoughts racing through my mind as I was listening, so the post could have gone into many different directions.

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