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"...we still need to be treated like we're the only one."

Exclusivity is the trick nightclubs use to be a hot spot. People waiting in line to get in. A VIP room in the back. A more VIPer room beyond that...


I was able to download the file and listen to it with iTunes. I tried it before posting for the reason you list - I did not want anyone to have a bad experience, as I'm sure Seth wouldn't.

I can correct the typos, no problem, I know how that happens (I'm not the best of typists myself).

I think removing Seth from your reading list will not cure the experience with If these were all the troubles, I'd be more than happy to welcome them ;-) C'mon, there is value in spades in what Seth writes and does. I don't always agree, but he delivers on inspiration and insight. And he is a gentleman in the highest meaning of the word.

Oops. Forgive the double comment...

I just wanted to apologize for all the misspelled words etc...

Can you tell that this experience made me angry?

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