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Thank goodness for Pepsi that the logo is not the brand. Looking across the Biscayne Bay there is a row of Carnival Cruise ships with their logo painted on their smoke stacks. It is 99% identical to the new Pepsi logo - with one minor difference - the red is where the blue is and the blue is where the red it. But in my mind they look the same. Why would Pepsi spend millions on a new logo and not take into account the extreme similarity. Granted, not everyone out side of Miami sees Carnival ships on a regular basis, but all the same, every time I see them I think Pepsi. And now when I see Pepsi I'll think Carnival. Uh oh!

@Maria - I think it may become even more important for small businesses to understand their influence in the coming years.

@Jon - setting expectations and having a strategy are key. There's been many a time when everyone jumped right on the tactics without talking about what they are trying to accomplish. Value has always been big, it's going to become an even bigger consideration in a tight economic cycle.

@Jen - One thought is to engage those who are already talking about us. Online, it's fairly easy to find out who that is. Many online hubs of traditional print publications have circulation numbers - traffic, etc. That is also true for many sites that are part of an advertising network or that accept advertising. A good barometer is also the content offered by a publication - if it's sustainability, chances are really good that you're reaching that demographic.

Good ideas.
I'm all for the value in social media, but what about reaching the right public (to engage with)? How can we know that the people we're chatting with are the ones we want to be talking to?
I know that in print media, circulation auditing is big ( for more info), but what about online media? Any thoughts

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