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thanks to my experience i could sey that customer service its one of the most important part of a business, if the client gets happy with that, he will buy again, he will feel sure and everything relationchip with that business he will do always with you.

@Ed - for a company with the right culture, or a department with the right culture, it is. In general though the people who work with customers do know a lot more about what to do and would be the best at developing those relationships.

@Brian - that is why brands with manners do rise to the top in social media. They behave with the proper etiquette - hire the right people, get out of their way, etc. I keep liking your brand promise "expert in the rough".

@Brett - a natural progression of humanizing brands from the company out. With more and more choices, we rely on recommendations from our peers. In the absence of those, we look at brands' behavior.

Interesting insight that people now evaluate whether or not they'll do business with you based largely off your behavior. In the past this was only the case with repeat business, now it's for first timers!

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