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@Ed - to me it starts with educating customers on the sustainable aspects of how you conduct business. Not flaunting it, not advertising it, simply explaining how it works. Do you have a green building? Then take people though a tour with an expert and show them how. I am actually presenting for consideration that now is a great time to find the business core and hold it steady. In personal development, we talk about doing something for the world - giving back.

@Lewis - I LOVE your distinction between "what" and "who". That really drives it home about the difference. Thank you!

@Kim - and so it is. I had actually read about him before your comment. Who knew that such a popular chef would come out of Britain? Kidding! But I see he has spent time in Italy ;-) Thank you for reminding me.

I think that a great example of an organisation, in this case an indivuldual, who has given back to society is Jamie Oliver. Unlike many other celebrity chef's Jamie has undertaken a number of activies that cleary demonstrates a desire to 'do good', not just a publicity stunt. I think that his greatest achievement was his quest to improve the nutritional value of school dinners. I think he took a risk here. he taught schools and government that we can feed our children bettter food, on a very limited budget ... this spread to teaching families, how to get young children to choose and be excited about food that is good for you. he has done other things as well, which i think reveals who he really is - a good person, not just a celebrity chef.
i think The Jamie Oliver brand is a great case study.


Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. I think whether we are business or individual, we must live our values, which make us different from every other business and being. It is not about the external (the what: products, services, looks, acts), it is about the internal (the who: what inspires, motivates and drives us to be who we are).

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