Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Where is 3M in the Conversation About the Post-It Note Promotion?


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I sometimes find it hard to reconcile the talk of collaborative, telling sharing etc of new media with the negative behavior of those within new media.

I feel a sense of disrespect for those who
do not accept the invitation of new media. As you rightly point out there are many reasons for silence. Why not respect that without judgement.

I think a liitle compassion would help new media's brand.

This gets me thinking-

Does social media critique and examines the brand of social media - I wonder - to continue the metaphor of brands in a room - how long social media could hold a conversation before other brands had to be excused to go to the bathroom.

By the way, one possiblity is Post It is an enlightened brand - how could words improve on elegant and practical simplicity with locked in distribution and shelf position.


@David - in my experience, many organizations have a hard time with rules that are not their own. There is what we call the "not invented here" bias. When we talk about social media, we talk about collaborative efforts - telling, sharing. Companies want to sell.

@Jon - Matt looks very entertaining. As for the viral thing - this stunt by Ableman had the potential to be viral, and fun. Instead, in the hands of a marketing manager, it has become a "campaign". I can see the difference, as I'm sure many do.

Contrast this with the way Stride gum used Matt (

Note to 3M: Real viral is actually talked about in restaurants and friends' homes, in many places OFF the net. This thing is 2 years old and i am just hearing about it(NOT viral) and and I'm only hearing about it on blogs, usually in a negative light(again, NOT viral).

Congrats to 3M for showing everybody how Not to do it.

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