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@Paul - I think you are on to it

Just FYI - I'm tracking the Pepsi 25 on my blog. I think learning more about these folks helps to get insight into how the team views the social media space.

I also had a good Twittersation with Bonin Bough that presented a different objective than the obvious one...

I like the idea that brands are stories not logos. Automobiles are also a great example of this. Despite the logo being fairly constant, the actual vehicle brands undergo massive changes. But is the stories. The road trips, the friends, the learning that people associate with a certain type of car. Consumers are becoming more and more fickle these days when it comes to products and sharp new logo isn't going to sway them towards a brand. Reminding them of the feeling they will have for staying/joining will have much more potential.

@AJ - what a great story. It reminds me of the days at the sports center playing tennis table and fussball and eating icicles.

@Paul - they do need a more compelling idea, but the stories not focused on the brand may be a good start. I am waiting for the moment when they will jump off the relative safety of the FF room and into the www conversation ;-)

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