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@Len - I would describe it more as being caught up in your own success. Change is easier to talk about than it is to do.

@Luis - thank you for stopping by and for taking it all in.

@Chel - some say that innovation is also having the ability to look at the same thing with new eyes - a different perspective. It's like solving problems in a new way to discover a totally new space, application, etc. Thank you also for the link.

@Taylor - you had a great way of putting the information together for early stage companies and many readers of this blog are either in that category or have a small business. #22 is also my greatest challenge ;-)

Valeria: I love the way you remixed the ideas and created some new thoughts. The note about developing social capital and trust is particularly powerful.

Personally, #22 above is my biggest problem right now...

Unlearning what you know is the most difficult for me. All those beliefs and knowledge that you've acquired over the years have to be put aside? *gasp*

Re-learning is rewarding but can be extremely difficult to adopt and practice. It's worth it though!

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