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@Novryan - the most remarkable thing happens when we are touched by someone or someone touches us emotionally.

@Kate - thank you for the link (I fixed it so the parentheses does not interfere). There are many early warning signs of trouble we can learn to listen to even inside organizations if we are paying attention to the groundswell.

Valeria -

This entire concept is very interesting indeed. I've been working on a project concerning citizen journalism to be used, in some form, as an early crisis warning system (you can find more here: ).

There are a lot of things happening in this arena that could be incredibly useful in the future.


"We have a constant desire to stay connected. We are learning about the tremendous responsibility that sharing information and accounts entails. The reality is that we are already all connected in one very important way - our humanity" , well thats right Valeria, in Bali blast what you said was proven, even tough people surely comes from difference background, races or religion - everyone here (Indonesia) hold the same responsibilities as human being , at the end of the day we are all connected.

Nice post Valeria, and nice to know you.

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