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@Tim - changing direction is easier with less might. If you've ever experienced rowing, you can do it alone if the boat is small, you need a coordinated team to do it in a bigger boat. Imagine what it's like to stir the Titanic! I would rather be unreasonable any day, logical keeps you on the same path as you're on, even as you spot the iceberg, to continue the same analogy. It's hard to grow mature and stay young at heart, yes.

@Nathan - yet, even in wiki-talk, it is only a self-selected group that really shows the way. Alas, organizations are still aligned behind the belief that information is power. The wall eventually crumbles. It is a sum total of many small clues that erode it and one would need to be in tune and want to see to be able to connect the dots ;-)

To me in the age of Wikinomics, the zero sum war of dominance seems outdated. It seems to me that Cluetrain is an update to the original Art of War for business. Openness is trust, success, and dominance.

That is after all how we brought down the wall.


Great post today - par for the course. ;-)

I'm seeing "game-change" as the "mature" brands having little to gain in conquering new ground along the same path they've traveled along until today. Rather, they each stand to change direction with all their might along collaborative trails to new opportunities that may deliver spoils similar to those enjoyed until now.

With that, I'm confident we will only see the "mature" herd weed itself down and out as each member makes wrong turns, misfires or simply cannot focus on the feasible, reasonable, logical direction they should head now.

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