Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How Much Can You Ask of Your Customers?


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Hey V-

I think the challenge at a lot of companies now isn't "how much can you ask your customers?" its "how can we decide what customer feedback to take seriously, and what dictates a critical mass of customer issues that warrants an action"

We've been using UserVoice to power a community to talk about albums from the Sony catalog that they'd like reissued. Some of the top requests have over 400 votes. This, it would seem, is actionable.

One person sending an email may not be, unfortunately.

Would be interested to see a followup to this post that looks at UserVoice in addressing the "how much can you ask your customers?" question.

How much? We're asking our clients to change their definition of marketing.
To move from 'broadcast' and 'sales' leads to enabling and interactive approaches.
To break it down quickly, we help them figure out how to give their enthusiasts things that matter to them. Information or tools to help them share that enthusiasm.
The broadcast and sales components then support and reinforce those efforts.
Make sense?

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