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It seems to me that the people and places who do it well by me are the ones that make it silly (stupid) easy to see and be introduced to where they are online. Most places make it just a single campaign and go through all the difficulty every time with telling people of that one new place. I want to decide from a menu of places where I want to connect with someone or some brand. I don't want to go looking for all the places and then decide. Most places don't have all their campaigns in one place on their own sites. I also don't want to get just your most urgent campaign. I want to decide what I want to interact with. Just because you have a campaign going on out there... does not mean I want to listen and I don't think I am alone.

That info graphic is to my mind spot on. Isn't it true that we all as individuals have social media campaigns going on? That graphic hones in on the notion that we are the "you" in the middle of all of those and more tools for online interaction. As marketers the brands we work on can stand in as that "you."

I can't help but notice the similarity to an insight I had a while back when I made my own page of links to just my stuff. At the time I called it . I had friends asking if I could build them a page for their stuff. Shoot, I went back to my page to link out to the places I was being social... that way I didn't have to type the addresses in.

It seems to me that at least these two insights are invlolved. One, active anonymity is no longer a reasonable option in most cases online and Two, active open authenticity gets noticed and goes along way.

I'll tip my hand. I build a site that reacts to these ideas and therefore am already invested in the insights the info graphic illustrates. So, while there are so many places to be active online, why not consolidate them all in one place? Let users decide what they want to interact with. Check out . It is an always in beta approach to making it easy to introduce ourselves digitally. The architecture for the thought that dives the development of the site looks similar to that info graphic.

The online space is quite narcissistic. When we keep our focus on the value as seen by our customers/readers, we are able to counter-balance our human nature. The best sales people are great listeners. Good points and example, Sonny.

Promotion AFTER Credibility and Value. If only this point could be tattooed on the forehead of those utilizing social media without understanding this basic and fundamental rule.

Fundamental as it's really a part of human nature. You don't meet a new friend and 2 seconds later ask "Hey, want to come to my store and buy my product?!" It doesn't work that way, in person or online. I've gone as far as trying to explain to self promoters why it's not accepted in social media and shared some simple how-to's - but majority of the time, it's a lost cause.

Can only hope that great layouts of Social Media, like the one you've written here, will help educate.

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