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@Kevin - a good primer, I agree. Gary and Laurel did a good job with setting the tone and laying it out visually - that is often the hardest part. Glad it was useful.

@Geoff - I could not help but notice that you have written passionately about it. I feel the same way, it was way ahead of the times even now ;-)

@Peter - I think of social media more like a marketplace for the display and negotiation of ideas. The actualization still happens in the physical world. It's not in their best interest to get on with the program. Not yet, I wonder if ever. Disintermediation of work seems unlikely, so we're stuck with each other - at least for the foreseeable future.

As usual, a nice distillation... with your usual astute observations. Kudos.

In the "business is war" mindset, social media marketing would be the "permanent war", and look where that has led us in the political realm. New terminology is, indeed, required. Social media engagement? Social media collaboration?

The Cluetrain Manifesto was put together a decade ago. Here we are still trying to convince corporations to get on with the program. It's going to take a while longer, I'm afraid. Keep evangelizing!

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