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I am just starting to think about blogging for a client. This has provided me with a good foundation of where to start. It is almost like a fill in the blank.

You have saved my hours of study.

Thank you so much. I would love to come to one of your speaking engagements. I am sure your audience receives more than their monies worth!

Valeria - echoing the community .. excellent list and even more so .. easy for a new to blogging person to understand.

Thanks for the mention .. we'll have to talk about when you can join me on Diva Talks (smile).

@Arun - you are very kind. I am reading that you are once again amazing us with your marketing brilliance for AoC2. Thank you!

@Peter - like most things in life, you've got to have lived it to have learned its lessons. I saw a mug somewhere that said, 'while your opinion is nice, in this case it is irrelevant.' I'm glad you connected with Mark Goren. He's one of my favorite people.

@Sonny - thank you for stopping by.

@Lenora - a fellow Italian. I'm always very keen on meeting 'made in Italy'. I admit I got carried away a little with the tips.

@Ricardo - well, yes, so lead generation focuses too much on the mechanics of the lead vs. the people, so the web site focuses more on what the internal departments want instead of how the customers buy... next week I will go in depth on content marketing.

@Nicoletta - funny that you should mention Groundswell. It came up a couple of times during the conversation yesterday. I believe that at the grass roots level, Italians can be very passionate about issues and action. There is a gap, a disconnect, between personal and public - in large part due to the fact that they believe (and for good reason) that the public is already arranged and decided for. Change is possible, it just requires more of everyone to make it happen.

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