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@Earl - I don't know if I'd call it revolutionary, it is living in integrity.

@Leslie - I'm glad you liked the post and will probably use it as a starting point in your explorations. I thank Chris Brogan on a daily basis for his inspiration and kindness, too. Thank you for the enthusiasm - we need people with energy like you.

@Melissa - thank you for visiting and for the kind words.

@Ed - the changing is an ongoing part of conversation. Talking and interacting actually do change our brain, it would be nice if we were willing to change our mind, too. Thank you for the idea.

Excellent post. I hope you'll do a part 2, and dig into the actual changing/resulting conversation aspect.
Thank You,

The perfect statement: "Conversation leads to connection. It allows you to understand issues and to change business processes before the business itself has moved away from what used to be successful and is no longer."

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