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Boomers resisting change?!? I'm not at all sure about that!

It seems to me that the Boomers are the ones who have not only accepted change, but have participated in it. I look at Gen X-ers, and I see the same fashions (clothing, cars, language patterns, etc) as I did 10 years ago, the same attitudes and a truly disturbing preference for accepting what their cultural "leaders" espouse! Whatever happened to challenge?

Boomers may be old to you, KatFrench, but when I listen to modern pop music, view modern art or read modern poetry - I don't see the world-changing, life-altering stuff of the 1960's and 1970'sand even the 1980's. (Some might not think Gordon Gecko was good, but you've got to admit - his words (via Michael Douglas) have changed history.)

Boomers don't "know any better" - we're not the old fogeys of generations prior - but we sure as heck aren't resistant to change! I'd argue we've embraced it in a way no other generation in history has been able to!

As a broad stroke, that is. :-)

Carolyn Ann (I'm not really all that riled, I just couldn't let that accusation go unchallenged)

Excellent post.

I worry that Gen X is going to be battered a bit from both ends--Boomers who are resisting change, and Millenials who want change NOW. But in general, Gen X is a pragmatic group--more interested in what works than what is ideal.

@Mike - thank you for visiting and wondering "why".

@Joanna - likewise, nice to learn about your work.

@Carolyn Ann - I must be hanging out with people who have ;-) Well, I did not write the book, nor the map, I reported on it. There's a book a friend of mine recommended titled "Thank you for Arguing" that I think speaks to your point (I have not read it yet). It's all a work in progress. Where we are today is much more useful that where we were even a short five years ago. Technology keeps changing, people will continue to adapt it to their own uses and needs.

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