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@Sarah - how did it go? Where they open to receiving that kind of feedback? In some organizations existing employees tend to have an adversarial attitude towards new employees, even candidates. They feel threatened and thus forget what is best for the company. Sometimes also companies love a candidate, take for granted an employee.

@Carolyn Ann - you will probably enjoy this post by NYT Stanley Fish on AT&T. I'm still waiting to hear what went wrong with Skype - we already know something did.

@Joy-Mari - yes, we do want to know!

Sarah, I'm sure something like what you did will become more common. Did you get the job? Do share!

I see phone companies don't change!

Your story reminds me of a book title I saw recently; it was something like "Satisfied customers tell one person; unhappy customers tell 3,000." One thing I've always noted about phone companies, no matter who they are or what technology they employ: customers are an inconvenience.

I hope it all gets sorted; of course, it won't be to your satisfaction. That would have included not having the problem in the first place!

Carolyn Ann

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