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This was one of the most interestings reads I've had in awhile - both the post and the comments. Thank you.

Carolyn Ann:

I don't know if this was before we met. I wrote a couple of post on AI agents as Conversation Agents, a-la Web 3.0 (people cringe when I write that). What you describe here is similar to that I opined then.

Great point about definition of privacy being culturally-driven. I should have thought of that! I'm laughing to myself because I used the Truman Show as an example of what happens today in a presentation at MIMA last March.

The quote is from Yogi Berra.

@Chris - finally the comments showed up at the post! In your first paragraph, you describe the business idea behind Conversation Agent. It is easier to talk about change than to do change. However, if we roll up our sleeves and join in the work with gusto, I think it might be fun in the end.

@Ralf - the map of the decade is from The Institute of the Future. Thank you for the kind words.

@Denis - yes, organizations fear lots of things. Those with assets fear litigation; those with less assets are anxious to get bigger on their own terms...

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