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Very well said! I'm always thrilled when I find entrepreneurs with integrity and genuine caring for others.
Much appreciated!

@Nathan - thank you, you are very kind.

@bg - new marketing is about having a product and service your customers want.

@John - When I worked in risk management consulting we used to say that our product was a relationship. Letting go of that control we think we have on the product is going to take time. Those who do, are already reaping the benefits.

@Joy-Mari - when I write I gage my own responses to writing and yup, we do respond more to what we think we are not doing.

@Tom - thank you. Yes, the image of being on an island of your own. Even when you understand the issues academically, there is still a jump in quality you need to make to feel them as your customers do.

What have you done for someone today is my favorite line!

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