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I love it when people get into it with a post and share their own learnings. Thank you so much for the links and for building on the ideas, Nathan. Bookmarking right now!


I would be remiss not to mention the folks at Hyve Up who seem to cover the recommendation market pretty well, including posts which examine music recommenders like Pandora (not included in this post):

I think this a real place where social media and usability can really mutually enforce each other and add tons of value to both users and corporations.

Take care,

Great article. So true + on point. I checked out what Read/Write Web has to say on the issue of "content recommendation":

McManus divides content recommendation up into 4 parts. It seems a tug of war between content based + personalization based solutions. I think having options in both directions is good. Because "intent" or "location" based changes in searches can skew personalization. For instance, if you were searching on vacation vs. at home. I'm sure algos can be written to take these into account.

In my short research, I also noticed My Blog Log started a personalization service sometime last year (I believe the story is also on Read/Write Web)

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