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I love the article. I ran across this today and it really got me thinking. But I definitely do not have the touch. I will have to keep these things in mind for the next product I create.

@Adam - good hearing from you again. You will be pleased to know that I did not have any issues with ramping up on Macs - and I am loving the experience! We don't use the word love enough in our daily pursuits. It would be sufficient to use it as intention in our minds. I, too, really enjoyed both movies.

@Tiffany - my problem with process is business is that often the business hardens around it against the people. It stops looking at the people and it serves just the almighty process... so we would need to figure out what needs to happen around process to help it stay fluid and adaptable to serve instead of being the master or tyrant as the case may be. Did you happen to catch up with my Sunday post to the press tribe? You might find the resources I linked to interesting for your project. Great thoughts, thank you!

I've been looking into two p's myself a lot in the last few weeks as I dig into thesis research on journalism - and writing my lit review on the state of journalism, two words kept coming up: product and process. Is process another important P to consider? Process - traditionally an internal function seems to be open for grabs particularly when we look at the news industry, since that is the example I led with, is an interesting debate. In a participatory environment (another p, perhaps?) the negotiation for who can create news brings up issues and ideas with all these other p’s you mention.

In fact, sometimes process seems to predicate all these other P's.

Culturally, how we do things (process) is often as important as and informs what we do or make (product) what we say or believe about what we do (purpose), how committed we are to it (persistence) and what kinds of outcomes we have (performance).

For example, in journalism, when it comes to the concept of how journalists create their product, all sorts of issues come into play when it comes to process. It becomes an ethical discussion, particularly where bloggers (who are questioning that idea of process in conjunction with the definition of journalism itself) are concerned.

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