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Interesting post, Valeria! I would like to comment to point number 2, "Do you create a community at your site?" In the print world, we have audited circulation data to confirm the audience of the publication. The larger media auditing organizations are making great strides in replicating that process for the digital world, which is great, because without that I don't think have the tools to understand who the audiences actually are and what communities publishers are creating when shifting online. Ways to better understanding of digital media audiences have been discussed on the site called Buy Safe Media. Its goal is to promote accountability through media circulation audits:

1 and 3 are great point!

1) is a good answer (or question) for all the old biz models that keep requiring ROI

3) is an issue very close too me... it seems that speed is today's value, and to be fast most they just copy. A competition for being the first reporter of X or Y while there is hardly an opinion, or an insight...

The most I think about this, the more it makes sense. It was Gina Trapani who put it so well that it just flowed. As you probably noticed, I rarely go for the easy pieces here.

Somehow I'd like to find a way to invite more comments - this is where all the good stuff is anyway. I also don't do link posts - unless it's as a resource guide of sorts when I do not find one. Instead, I prefer to link to resources organically. My post on Obama's campaign linked to 14 blogs - all with good content.

There needs to be an economic part to this conversation. I think Lifehacker has done well (someone correct me here if I'm wrong). It's possible. If it were easy, we'd already all be there. The fun is in the getting there and learning.

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