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"Can this kind of insight help public relations? Could it be good food for thought for marketing?"

Definitely, for the companies, brands, what have you, that are taking a stab at this social media thing as an outlet to connect with their consumers, it sure can help. By taking just those few 'posts' from above you can almost start a 'How To' thing for companies.

- don't spam your followers with links to you blog, site, etc. or send DM spam
- actually engage your followers in conversation, 90% listening (reading/responding) and 10% talking (posting/broadcasting)

I'd like to see the opposite side of the coin. How many responses do you think you would get if you ventured in the positive - 'What do you like most about social media?'

I’ll take amabaie’s lead from above; you can follow me at

I think from this, we have confirmation of what I have been saying all along, that there really are no "rules" to how to behave on social media, any more than there are "rules" on how to behave at the water cooler, at a trade show reception or any other social function. There are guidelines about courtesy, respect and appropriateness, but those are organic and have to do with the expectations of others. Even on Twitter, where one draws the line on certain activities depends on who you are and who your follower circle is composed of.

I am on Twitter.

I see it.

Taking something from others and making it your own is a part of the American Way (along with truth and honesty).

I've seen a lot of contests on Twitter so I decided to create one for Valentine's Day (free chocolate).

My rationale is that I get to provide something of value to the Twitter community while simultaneously gaining access to a larger communication network.

Plus I love chocolate.

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