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The key to calm is regular exercise.

I was feeling a bit stressed today and went for a run and the stress just melted away.


Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. I love going to the movies, ever since I was very little. I remember when "Gone with the Wind" came back to theaters in Italy. It was a 4-hour movie, and there were lines snaking across the neighborhood to get in to see it. Everyone was talking about it - "there's always Tara". What a story!

@Gianandrea - life *is* in the small things. I truly admire those people who have the rare gift to remember that most of the time.

@James - nice to meet you. Having a personal sanctuary and space is very important - even if it is just a way of being we can conjure in our minds.

@Lewis - stress is so difficult to deal with. We may not even realize how it has affected us until we notice the results of it in us. Good food and wine are a balm to the soul, especially when appreciated in the company of family and friends. Looking forward is a great way to go about it. I'm taking notes!

@Matt - I cannot wait to see your blog go live. I'm a fanatic of exercise and Geoff is into personal fitness as well (I can say that, right Geoff?) We are both on Twitter and you are right, finding ways to be useful and being engaged with others is energizing.

@Kim - it's the path of least resistance and so tempting to just do a little less, wait a little more... however, it is in times such as the present one, when we can utilize our talent to explore and expand our horizons.

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