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Congratulations on having this post selected as part of the March Carnival of Trust.

The Carnival of Trust selects the Top Ten posts dealing with trust from around the blogosphere.

This month the Carnival is hosted by (and your post was selected by) Beth Robinson at her blog Inventing Elephants, and it can be found at

I can see why she picked it, too; it's not just chock full of suggestions, but the suggestions are strong and valid.

The Carnival of Trust originated with Charles H. Green of Trusted Advisor Associates, and his blog TrustMatters:

Congratulations again on this post's selection.

As a thought experiment if somehow near universal trust were established for our institutions -- financial, government, corporate, NGO, -- we would see a sea change in this world. It would be transformative.

It is not going to happen any time soon but all kinds of things from economic to geo-political would transform almost over night.

The bad news is this trust spell is not going to be cast. It is an uphill slog but Confucius said, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

We can all do small things in our own lives and in our work to make it happen.

Thank you, Jessica. I'll go take a look. Always interested in other perspectives.

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