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Here's my take on FriendFeed - like many other applications, it does nothing until you do something with it. I had better conversations on FriendFeed than I could ever have on Twitter.

I have stopped using Friend feed since there is nothing to do in that site and i prefer using Facebook or twitter or MySpace to get connected with other different people

@Tom - it's like many practical things in life, one needs to experience it to figure out what's in it for them.

@Michael - those are really good! I love #3, 4 and 7 - so true :)

@Fatih - I know, shouldn't there be a like button on blog posts? I think there's a widget somewhere to give readers the option of voting how many stars, etc. It's low impact for those who do not have time or need to write a comment.

@Carolyn Ann - I linked to a post on FriendFeed at the bottom of this post for those readers who have not tried it yet. It's a place where people aggregate their feeds in a profile, then add friends to their home page (thus seeing all of the bookmarking, sharing and activities of their friends). The tool takes things a step further and also shows you the activities of your friends' friends. So if I subscribe to Adam's feed, for example, and Michael up here is a friend of Adam on FF, I also see his links and streams. There are many added features I have been trying out. One of them gives you the ability to reply to a tweet (from Twitter) on FF and show the reply also on Twitter. Robert Scoble is the mayor of FF, so to speak. He is very active in the network. The like button is a way to signal you enjoyed a post or link, or thread and the tool shows you did for everyone to see. I'm not on Facebook, so I picked up the rumor and was waiting for someone to disprove me, which nobody did :)

@Adam - I see a lot more interaction on FF than Twitter. I tried having conversations on Twitter, as you know, and it takes a lot more to set them up so that more than a couple of people participate and can see what everyone is saying. On FF that's easy!

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