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I'm all for tackling new challenges and trying new things so long as I'm being helpful in some way. If I'm not, then there really is no point.

If I could jump up and down in this comments box, that's what I'd be doing, with a big sign that says ADAPT! ADAPT! ADAPT! And on the back of the sign it says BOTH!
We will push through the challenge and in the process, in the fire of it, we will adapt to its demands and, for some of us, innovate the entire shape of what is to come. The beauty of this exercise, the exquisite beauty of it, is that it takes heart. Heart: courage, fortitude, openness, and love. It takes heart to do the work of innovating through constant newness, because the brain hasn't a clue what to do with newness until the heart directs its neurons. Because of that fact, our future as connected, collaborative communicators is very promising indeed.
So we push. And we adapt. Like all forms of nature.
Thank you. The conversation would be thin without your energy in it.
Suzanna Stinnett
p.s. I'll post my About tomorrow when my brain has regenerated.

@Hayli - I like your encouragement for everyone to think as if they were a business owner. That to me is the ultimate measure of personal accountability.

@Bruce - glad you added your voice to the conversation. I can't wait to hear what you and Sarah are up to with Party2.0.

@Kare - glad you also found value in Andy's work. He has a personality for sure and his office rocks!

@Howard - You are right on in terms of unpredictability, that is the main reason why marketers are not by and large embracing social media, especially in times like the current ones. I also know that this is not the kind of stuff they teach in school, either. Glad you are trying things out on your own. This will be key moving forward.

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