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I truly think that this is a great post. It is amazing. This is a nice and simple article and it's easy to read.

Hi Valeria,

I am not sure how perfect this Social Media storm is.

Yes, we have professional on one side that can deliver the service, and buyers on the other side that can incorporate the service.
However, at least here in the belpaese, I am hearing too many companies with their unique approach to Social Media that resemble to much "another sales pitch" for their services, treating it as another lead generation tool.

I believe this is more of a pre-storm. Companies are still at the beginning of the learning curve of all the "social" world, while professionals are going to reach the end of the learning curve.

Said so, providers should not raise the expectation bar of clients, reminding them that they are just testing... and aim for the budget later. Something that on though times like now is hard to remember.

I hope it makes sense :)

@Laurens - thank you for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post.

@David - you provided a really good example of what listening to the point of need means. I'm glad you did, especially when you will see what I have cooking for you tomorrow. Getting that subtle reading in body language, even in a digital format is what tells winners from also rans.

@Brandon - it was a request from a reader that prompted me to put some thought into it. Sometimes we also take what we know and do for granted. Part of the ability to read digital body language comes with experience and wisdom, just like off line in a sales situation.

@Lewis - getting the right mix of inbound marketing is easier than trying to ask companies to change. In my experience, all of the data points in the CMO Council survey (I think I referenced it in a post, too) are very real. The one where I encountered the most resistance is "conflicts and competition between internal constituencies". Thank yo u for the kind words. Coming from you it means a lot.

@Colby - spot on. That was flawless (or as close to it as we've gotten) execution of these ideas from a marketing perspective. Now we're in the delivery phase, and we shall see how the culture fares.

@Howard - there is so much talk about influence, yet the context sometimes is overlooked. What and how in influence are more important than who, often. Social media impressions have a whole new definition, don't they?

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