Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How do You Feel About Facebook Owning Your Content?


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Facebook handled the change quite poorly - bad PR and communication. However,
what Facebook tried to do was to change its terms and conditions to reflect technical reality, monetary reality, and plain old reality. And I say more power to them!

There is a solution if you are concerned about the privacy of your data -- don’t make it public! Social media is fun. It offers a great way to make connections -- but it comes with risks! Borrowing liberally from an old bumper sticker, Facebook does not post embarrassing information... people do.

sounds like Facebook made the same mistake that Google made with their Chrome (web browser) end user license agreement

Oops. I should have checked the name I accused of incompetence... It's Mark Zuckerberg.

I must say, he seems to backpedal quicker than ever, these days.

Sorry for the mistook! (Next time, I'll try to remember to check.)
Carolyn Ann

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