Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How do You Feel About Facebook Owning Your Content?


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@Bruce - I was talking about this at the office today and a couple of people said exactly the same thing you did. I know of people who've found long lost cousins and friends. It's almost like a live, talk show in that respect. I like to hold some things near and dear, so it's not for me. But I can see how it does serve a need.

@J.Ro - I'm with you on concerns about privacy and undesired spam. Those were the reasons why, after trying it, I decided it was not my cup of tea.

@Carolyn Ann - maybe communities s well as friendships are transitory, just like the rest of life. As for your thoughts on "who owns the content" I think many are asking the question, but we have found no definite answers. Right now this is situational.

@Linda - thank you for providing an example of use. Here I am talking about a tool I don't use, the nerve!

@Ed - ouch, that is not good. Then again, my mentor once told me that a company that employs you does assume it owns you stock and barrel.

@Gavin - you asked some very good questions in your post. I especially like "How will marketers react when told by their agency that the content from a recent campaign is being used in unsanctioned ways? What happens if there is a retraction required (after all, the content remains the property of Facebook in perpetuity)? How will your brand and reputation be managed well into the future?" I'm quoting it, 'cause it's your content :)

@Diego - that's an interesting statement "Facebook is just pretending to be Google." In what ways? Surely they cannot think they've got the head start on search and ads working together, do they?

@Guillaume - it's funny how if companies behave the way Facebook does they get skewered and customers leave... yet Facebook got 175MM users. And I'd like to reiterate that the service may seem to be free, but at the end of the say it isn't. Good point.

@Matt - you touch upon data portability, which has been something I have thought and written about. We should own our own data. Europe is much more on top of privacy laws than the US, and I think it's a matter of time before the other shoe drops here. My caveat around your points on competition is that as humans we are both social and creatures of habit. So far, Facebook and Twitter have won over other, similar sites on the strength of those two. Guess, we'll see what happens.

@Adam - I did see your awesome story. I know it works from personal experience as well. I think it bears being deliberate about what we choose to share and why. Sometimes a bit of mystery does help as well :) Thank you the link!

@Jocelyn - excellent example of the library. Yes, it drives the concept home very nicely. Thank you for adding to the privacy/copyright conversation, which is one I am quite passionate about.

I also wrote about this yesterday. It is a challenging area ... especially for content creators. One area where I flag a concern is where bloggers have their content running directly into the Facebook live feed. There are many hundreds that I know who do this.

Under the new TOS that content is available to Facebook in perpetuity.

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