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Not too long ago I wrote about having the right people, and not necessarily the best people.

I think a lot of things (including the right thing) have to come together for dream teams to align.

I often think about what it would be like to create a dream team from scratch and who those people would be. Would they come from all different backgrounds and experiences? Would they be people that I can't get enough of that I could work with all day and drink with all night? Would it consist of close friends? Lots of different disciplines and schools of thought?

How often do teams form, and then find out later that they are in fact a dream team?

I would love to assemble the perfect dream team for the perfect task, but maybe someone refuses to re-locate. Another insists on spending more time with his family. Etc. These are all viable options, yet all situations where maybe your dream team lacks that one missing piece.

I suspect I'm over thinking this issue, but I appreciate you inspiring the thought the process anyway.


@Steven - it was meant to get our juices going. Yes, often the best innovators are so ahead of the times that they have to discover themselves.

@Rick - a very good point. People with passion in innovation, are into it and do not worry about other stuff, like standing out, getting publicity, etc. Their product is it. Except for we'll need to shine a light on it lest it goes unnoticed by the rest of us.

@Stephen - I am noticing a lot of that at the moment. Top notch people working on creating something. If I were a smart company... I think it was Fred Wilson who wrote you can build something from little. That is also an option. Let me know how it goes.

Dream Teams usually aren't comprised of stand out individuals, in my experience, but with people who work well together. Sounds like a cliche until you inherit a team of people who can't. It's agony, betrayal, intrigue and drama, until you can whittle it down to a functional core that you can rebuild on.

Funny you should write this today - I had a conversation earlier with a colleague on this exact topic. I'm working with a group of three to four "A Team" friends, all of whom are looking for the next big gig, and trying to figure out what makes the most sense: a great team looking for a problem. We'll see how it all goes!

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