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@Howard - do you think the "win/lose" mindset stems from insecurities? Paying attention to the signals and, excellent addition, being creative do help a lot in tempering the survival instinct that leads to scarcity thinking.

@Hayli - it is often much more difficult to allow others to help you. You're spot on with that one. Approaching everyone as a potential teacher is very enriching. Thank you for expanding the conversation.

I think curiosity and listening go hand in hand. When we stop being curious about our environment and think we know it all, we're a lot more likely to shut down and stop listening. And in addition to point 2, "helping others," I would add, "allow others to help you." If you're undertaking a large project or initiative, perhaps at the request of your boss, invite feeback and brainstorming from others. It will elevate others' opinion of you and will very likely enrich your endeavor.

I definitely think people should be conscious about not being stuck in the fixed-pie perception and work towards "expanding the pie" and creating value to work with.

I think sometimes though, there are situations where people can't go beyond a "when I lose, you win" attitude. Job hunting can be seen that way. However, a good way to expend the pie would be to share connections or contacts one may have, but not particularly be interested in.

I think the greater challenge is creativity in adding value. Like you said it requires a lot of listening and requires a genuine knowledge of the parties involved. I can't give you all of the crust and take all the filling if I never knew you loved the crust and hating the filling.

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