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Great post and great poll. Wow, it’s refreshing to see that blogging and micro-blogging top the list as that’s what I’m focusing on. And good the see that all-out spam is at the bottom, thank goodness. It will be interesting to see what happens as time goes on because I hear from clients and biz partners that people are having a hard time staying on top of blogging and micro-blogging. It takes a lot of time that people don’t have and so they fall behind, which makes for a not-so-great blog/micro-blog. Any ideas on how people can stay on top of it? Blogging and micro-blogging are kind of like the new email — a new sea of data in which to drown!

@Cory - I've written quite extensively on ROI. What I'm talking about here is trade offs and integration. The only marketing worth doing is that which works. You might need to test many combinations to get there, however. It would be like saying you want to run a marathon, but never do the work to get there. Business takes serious training, too. More than classification with Twitter I was going with use - how are people using it in their mix? Social media is a lot closer to PR than it is to marketing... as for contextual ads, I think it's the mix of readers. Or maybe many marketers don't have experience with digital media.

@Howard - funny how human qualities and Liberal Arts are creeping back into the equation with social media. Did you know that they don't teach marketing communications on B-School? Nor they teach sales. Sustainability is key with social media as it is with relationships. You can't just turn them on when you need that extra sale.

@Suzanna - hmmm, I thought I was sharing how I use the tools and why. There comes a point when we've got to know what to do with our duck, so to speak. Collaboration is but a pipe dream without a destination. It is also a lofty goal in today's reality. Many of the people I met throughout my career (and that includes social media, BTW) have been too busy climbing on other people's backs to get what they wanted to even consider collaboration. My being expansive and open to creative ideas has been seen as a huge liability by many organizations and recognized only by a handful of visionaries. I get what you're saying. Hey, even here when I write an expansive post I get no traffic or comments. No judgment, just the way things are.

Here. We're sailing across an ocean in a fleet of boats. Some are racing yachts, some are powerboats, a few are single-handed rowboats. Not many are well-appointed. The sky is highly changeable, none of us can predict tomorrow. Ahead are islands of inclusive prosperity. If we share our resources we can all arrive on the beach. What a party that will be! (By the way, the powerboats will need the rowboats in order to get to shore.) Meanwhile we are learning everything from each other.
Possible Productive Thinking: Rather than classify the current tools, define what you like and why and why not. Practice being wide open to creative ideas; the future is unrecognizable, so don't look for anything familiar. Like a child: "This is new! I like this one!"
I want to know more about collaboration. Inviting thoughts, if I may, here:

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