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You are wise, Ed. Sometimes in our eagerness to have all the answers, we skip asking the right questions of waiting for the customers to tell us what they really need and want (especially when we're not looking over their shoulder).

Many B2Bs are facing increasing competition in markets where they used to dominate - because now, the job their product or service does can be done in so many other ways.

What I'm doing now with a new client, is telling him not to do or start anything except for listening. I'm delaying everything (social media outreach) he has in mind until he takes time to listen what's missing from the picture, creating the customer values from the collective voice instead of constructing premature values and end up trying to sell these values hard. Give customers what they are already wanting now (reasonably) is my proposition.

What you explained above is so important, especially to industries which typically behold a bad reputation. If worked right, it works wonders and becomes a competitive edge almost instantaneously.

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