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Great post, Valeria, I was wondering the story and now you have told it. Maybe you could turn this into a series of similar posts that expand on some of the the elements you covered above? You'd have plenty of interested readers.

Thank you, Sarah. You are very kind and shared such succinct words as a reminder to us all. I especially like your third one "don't let technologies speak to customers, make sure people do." There really is no substitute or optimization for a connection with a human being. As imperfect as we are, we are still the best.

Hi Valeria,

I just had to smile at these two lines in your post:

"Too many are getting stuck with the tools and forget the protagonist, still."

"It's about deductive reasoning. See how a Liberal Arts degree comes in handy?"

Your writing is quite elegant,informed and often funny. Your posts and case studies serve to remind people/businesses of the the most important elements in building relationships:

1)remain thoughtful in what you say
2) pay attention and nurture the relationship
3)don't let "technologies" speak to customers, make sure people do.

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