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Thank you Valeria, again, for making your blogs so refreshing. Simple is always best. It still boggles me that so many business people still speak the irritating corporate language. So anytime I see it too much (like on some LinkedIn groups) I only have to check out your stuff and I'm cool again :)

Thanks for your wonderful work...

To speak to your point #7, we're big fans of measurement at inmedia, a topic that we've delved into many times on our own blog including here ( , here ( and here ( We also feel that companies need to be cautious when adopting social media, a topic we explored here ( In reference to your last point, our managing partner recently talked about how shiny and new Twitter is and thus, how distracting here ( Your point about setting priorities is very true.

Really fantastic post. I really like the way you lay this out in a very easy to digest style. Thanks for sharing.


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