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Maybe, just maybe this company was 'waiting' for a reason to shed some employee pounds.

This is a great example of the power of customers. This story will spread like wildfire and if enough of the public and ACME customers push the issue - we may even see a change of hand on the company's side.

The Digg case study on this issue comes to mind as written about in the book Groundswell.

This is an interesting ethical question. Why did he take the tag off? That made the product unsellable. Why didn't he say something to his manager and ask if it was ok? Why didn't he buy the glasses? There is a comfort developed when working for an employer for so long. Perhaps this employee was frequently "comfortable" with merchandise. I have a hard time believing a 30-year stellar employee would be shown the door unless they were looking for a reason. Retail employers deal with shrinkage and have to adopt a strong policy. This story will be known far and wide within this organization and people will think twice before being so casual again. As a professional communicator, I would have done more to communicate how saddened we were to have to dismiss a 30-year employee but that his actions (likely captured on camera) were in violation of company policy.

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