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I am glad acme is being exposed for what kind of company it really is. It treats its older more mature employees rotten. do you know what it feels like to go to work knowing that they want nothing more then to get rid of you. you see "LOSS PREVENTION" has put me threw the ringer with their integrity shops etc. by the time there done you are going to make a mastake. go in to any store youll here the same stories over and over. hope the inquier follows up imsure there is alot of interesting stories.

Acme is notorious for this. Bob is not the only produce manager this has happened to , within the last 3 weeks. Isn't it funny how the only people being fired are long-term employees at the higher end of the wage scale?

@Jocelyn - it seems rather silly that someone would not think of purchasing a $9.00 pair of glasses. And it seems equally incredible that someone with a good employment record and tenure would be dismissed on the spot. There must be something else behind it, too. I agree. Sad situation indeed, losing an income and potentially the house!

@Mike - I read the Digg story, thank you for reminding me of it. I'm inclined to think that there is more than meets the eye, too.

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