Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Forrester says Sponsored Conversations are OK


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Thanks Valeria for the article. I think pretty much all content is sponsored in some way or other. There is a business model here. Overall it appears that we are trying to create more trustworthy source of information with consumers having a strong voice.

It kind of reminds me of a soccer match where the team is sponsored. Doesn't make the soccer any less exciting.

@Nicoletta - perhaps someone more qualified than me should take that question. Would it be considered innovation? I do wonder about that. Publicity is ubiquitous over there, but do people pay attention and are they swayed? Are there strong opinions about bloggers who might be sponsored to write something? Ben a few comments above mentions European regulatory bodies stepping in...

@Jack - being straight forward might indeed be a good course for those who respond to a direct message.

@Adam - the funny thing is that the people companies would likely want to sponsor may not be up for sponsorship in this manner. Sure, maybe they have ads on their sites, but here we're talking about mixing content. Or maybe it's best when the sponsored content is presented in an all sponsored format on the get go. The audience showing up will know that from the onset. Aren't company Web sites sponsored content, after all? Who thinks a company might e balanced and objective about what it offers. The report needs more research and data points, that's for sure. As for Chris, he graciously agreed to give me a quote for the post and I might not have done the best job at framing it correctly. Good food for thought here. Thank you.

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