Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How do you teach a large, process driven organization to be innovative, work organically and think socially?


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@Christian - it's even hard to behave internally the way we should nowadays. Unless there is an environment of respect and integrity and a philosophy of service, you're not going to built the trust you need to operate in the social space.

@Luc - my comment wasn't aimed at you. I know you get it :) But rereading it, it came across that way. Oops. Good lesson.

@Frank - you got it. I think the issue is one of value. If companies do not see value in certain activities, they will discourage them. Value is often measured just in hard ROI and only in what comes in, not what doesn't come in. Testing is key.

Don't underestimate the role of HR-policies regarding social media as a factor to be reckoned with when trying to implement social media participation. Staff is told with many companies to limit time spent on facebook and other social applications. Most companies are not only unprepared to give more voice to their customers - they have difficulties to give more autonomy to their employees to engage in conversations. To my experience, as long as higher management doesn't formulate an encouragement policy on blogging, engaging in social media and reacting on behalf of the company on public fora, employees and middle management will not be willing to go along, effectively blocking any effort towards a more engaging dialogue. It simply means that nobody will be willing to engage in experiments or building cases for future use.


Right. My proposition was indeed a bit ironic and definitely not underestimating the "behind the corporate wall" effect. What I wanted to say is : if P&G did it, other companies might find a way as well. So yes, this is encouraging and thumbs up to P&G.

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