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You know Valeria, number 10 is probably the most difficult... After all, aren't we our own harshest critics?

I have a great deal of motivation for what I do and that drives me forward despite whatever challenges I might face. Every now and then I'll have a hiccup, but I'll get up and move forward. Sometimes I'll admit that I dwell on things a bit too much and that's not good (so I've learned)...but I'm making progress.

I meant it was a cool picture because you were in it! I did not notice Scoble in the photo until you mentioned it. :-)

I have seen Scoble in other pictures before but, yes, it must have been fascinating to meet him. I like his blog.

@Nancy - of the many conversations we had at SxSW, the one that resonated the most with me was that social means we contribute to lifting others up. I like that.

@Heather - thank you for stopping by.

@Joy-Mari - right there with you :)

@Caroline - thank you for the update on twitter about your blog. Just because our intended consequence may not match the direction in which we end up going, it does not mean we failed.

@Brian - glad to be of service.

@Kathy - I love your work. Thank you.

@Lola - some days we probably feel like Clark instead of Superman. I like to call influence the soft power, that you never need to yield intentionally; people give it to you because they respect your work, etc.

@Neil - meeting Scoble was one of the many highlights of the trip.

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